What To Bring, Not Bring, and Expect at THE GREAT National Bookstore Warehouse Sale 2015

The Great National Bookstore Warehouse Sale which promises to give 90% discount on books, supplies, and gift items is happening from August 13 to 18, 2015 9AM to 8PM at the 4th floor of their Quezon Avenue branch in the corner of Scout Borromeo Street and Panay Avenue.

I made time to be there yesterday, a Friday, and made sure I arrive as early as 10AM to avoid the crowd. When I reached the top floor, I expected to see rows and rows of books, but then I saw rows and rows of…


Here I am thinking I have outwitted the general public for coming “early”. So what else was there to do? I braved the warm, dusty warehouse and shopped. It took me one hour in roaming around elbowing people when I have concluded that there’s nothing much to see in the books department as most are just leftovers of the previous day. Some NBS personnel bring in new boxes of books which some teenagers fight with their lives for but I saw mostly titles of vampire stories I am not fond of.

I brought home 11 self-help books and gift wrappers. No novels for me as I have not, for the life of me, seen any titles from my list of authors. Despite my very poor and rather embarrassing performance, I still encourage you to come and visit the sale but first read through the following lists:


  • Patience

As there are many people, carry with you a lot of patience and good manners. After an hour of book-shopping, I spent almost 2 hours in line to pay at the cashier! No exaggerations.

  • Food and Medicine

You might not want to leave your finds as someone else might get them, so bring water and food so you wouldn’t need to go downstairs or leave the cashier cue. The venue is literally a warehouse: no airconditioning units and sale items covered in dust; make sure to bring your medicine or face mask in case of emergency. The time I spent lining up for the cashier triggered my migraine but luckily the pain was tolerable. I wouldn’t want to make a commotion for fainting. Ma-yayadub pa ko don! LOL

  • Cash

Only cash is accepted as payment for the warehouse sale. Bring enough so you wouldn’t need to go downstairs to withdraw money from the only ATM machine in the store, BPI; because again, you wouldn’t want to leave your shopping.

  • Reusable Bags

During warehouse sales, always bring reusable bags. This will not only help save the environment but it make carrying the heavy books easier as compared to the paper bags they will provide. Some shoppers are wiser as they brought bags with wheels, it was indeed easier to navigate and no hassle in carrying the stuffs around the warehouse. I might bring one of those next time.

If you failed to bring this, no worries, NBS reusable bags are available at Php 15.


  • Heavy bags, heels, extravagant clothing

You know the drill, this warehouse sale is like shopping around Divisoria, very unglamorous and tiring, so reserve your OOTDs for some other time.

  • Laking National Bookstore Card

It is not needed and will not be used.


Expect chaotic book, supplies, and gift items arrangement. They’re all marked down, so who cares?

NBS Warehouse Sale

NBS Warehouse Sale

NBS Warehouse Sale

  • Expect some Chritmas stuffs as early as August!


Fine, the sale wasn’t called ‘great’ for nothing. But I have been to a handful of NBS warehouse sales and I was shocked yesterday because I spent more than Php 1000. In all the warehouse sales I have been to, the price tags in the books are further marked down into half upon reaching the cashier. For example, I have seen this beautiful Jodi Picoult novel Handle with Care priced at Php 100 a couple of months ago at the NBS Warehouse Sale at The District – Imus. Upon reaching the cashier, I paid only Php 50 for the said book. Eventually, I bought about 13 books that day all at less than Php 300.

Yesterday though, I have approached two different NBS personnel and asked if the scheme is the same. Unfortunately, they told me that whatever the price tag says, is the actual price. Again, the sale is great, but not cheap.

I’m not sure if I’m going back, I think I will just wait for the other warehouse sales near my area. Happy shopping!