How I Spent 9 Months of Bumness: A Pre-Employment Tale

I took the Nurses Licensure Examination last July 3 and 4, 2010; and since then, I was compelled to be a bum. According to Webster, a bum is a person who does no work; synonyms include do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer.

Following is a list of the things I did during the longest do-nothing era of my life, I…

  1. Read nine months worth of newspaper, Philippine Daily Inquirer
  2. Attended late night rehearsals with the Marian Choir
  3. Went to Bohol with friends for six days
  4. Performed at the Marian Choir ethnic-inspired concert last August 14
  5. Jumped and screamed upon seeing my name at the list of board passers (August 25, 12 NN)
  6. Raised my hand at the Oathtaking Ceremony at SMX
  7. Celebrated! (got drunk c/o party-hopping for almost one month! You really must not underestimate the number of new Registered Nurses that time)
  8. Went to Pangasinan for five days (to party still)
  9. Waited impatiently for my nurses’ license
  10. Submitted my resume’ and other requirements to Manila Doctors Hospital — November
  11. Studied driving for five days
  12. Studied parking for more days
  13. Accompanied my Balikbayan aunt in her shopping sprees and gimiks
  14. Wrote articles for Essays.PH and (crappy sites, total waste of talent)
  15. Attended four Nursing-related seminars (just four, LOL)
  16. Volunteered to two medical missions
  17. Applied for two call centers, passed their exams but got dumped because I was too honest. I told them I have a pending application in a hospital and they literally dropped the phone in my face.
  18. Sang Christmas carols to I guess more than 100 houses
  19. Put smiles on the faces of Bukid Kabataan kids (partner orphanage of Marian Choir)
  20. Spent Christmas and New Year in Tanay, Rizal
  21. Joined Mr. & Ms. Marian Choir 2010 and won Ms. Talent and Ms. Q & A
  22. Went to Divisoria twice
  23. Went to Vigan, Ilocos with Marian Choir for two days —————————– January
  24. Talked nonsense day after day with Yoyo, my eight year old brother
  25. Said goodbye to three friends who went abroad (Brenda, Danieve, and Anjanette)
  26. Decorated two scrapbooks
  27. Reorganized five photo albums
  28. Finished ten novels, not including the one I’m about to finish tonight
  29. Watched all 104 episodes of Phineas and Ferb
  30. Got front seats watching HBO, Starmovies, ETC, Starworld, TLC
  31. Worked, or rather volunteered, as my mom’s Private Duty Nurse for three days
  32. Got flabby
  33. Facebooked

And tomorrow; yes, on April Fool’s Day, my bumness will finally come to an end. I will at last be doing what I’ve been longing to do: work. My dad will now stop asking me about work, my bed be empty before sun up, and I get to utilize that little plastic card I’ve vowed to call a license. It took nine gruesome months, and I hope this will all be worth the wait.

I’m tremendously nervous but all I know is that tomorrow, I will be off to my very first post-college job ever!

Wish me luck. Cheers!