May 10: My First Payday

Since graduating last year, I could not imagine myself holding money not coming from my mom’s wallet or using a credit card that’s not her extension. Having an actual job still has not sunk in to me until this day: my very first payday. The days leading to this special moment has been awfully bad for me; apparently 3C has not in any way reduced its level of innate toxicity. Even as a junior nurse, I have experienced handling 16 patients all in one shift. To make matters worse, I was asked to stay for another eight hours after that dreaded shift.  Yes, I worked for 16 straight hours! Thank God my immune system held me.

Jumping carrots, I swear I am in no way complaining; all employed people have their own disputes at work, and I guess this is my definition of “hard-earned” when I say hard-earned salary.

So, I’m not really sure if you’re supposed to be resting on your payday, but my day-off fell on May 10 so I’m here at home writing this. My ATM lies in front of me and I don’t have any idea what to do with it. Should I go to the bank now? Oh, there was this one time that my dad went to the bank to see if he can get his salary, but then he came back to the car and told me that there’s still no money in there. I don’t know what he did; I guess he came back the next day. What if that happens to me? It’s past lunch time now, is it possible that my salary’s now available?

If and if I was able to get hold of my foremost own money, what am I going to do with it? Of course I have a lot of things in mind, like I need a new phone, my laptop’s LCD is broken, I need a massage, I’ll buy new shoes, makeup, have my nails done… all a little far-fetched because I know I won’t be earning much to buy all that.

One of my friends told me that you should spend every single centavo of your first pay because it brings goodluck; I believed him at first, but now I realized he just said that so I’ll be compelled to treat him when this day arrive. I’ve also heard that you should give the entire first pay to your parents: not half, but the entire pay “like a sweet little earning kid”. But then there’s also this treat-your-family-with-your-first-salary obligation that just too…well, obligatory.

The sky is slowly getting dark now, and I have to get to the bank fast; I sure don’t want to wet my first salary LOL. I’m now certain that I’m going to spent it on an all-expense treat for my family this weekend while the rest of the amount goes to my mom.

The shoes and makeup as well as liquor party for friends will have to wait till next payday. First pay here I come!

N.B. This article appeared in the October 17, 2011 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, under the Young Blood Section.