I had a conversation with my brother Yves a week ago and I was telling him how tired and uncompensated I am at work. All he said was this: “Ayaw mo non? Nakakatulong ka sa ibang tao?” (Don’t you like that? You get to help other people?)

I was like: Damn, he’s right. I mean this brother of mine is not someone who presents the brightest of ideas but this time, he’s frankly right.

We nurses might not realize how needed we are in this world. Bluntly because we are often tired, frustrated, and God-knows-what-else. But surprisingly, other people see our importance; our heroic deeds  that seems not anymore heroic as we do it each and every day. Average people like my brother sees it, and so as million others; I guess its high time we see our worth too.

Here’s me and my brother, singing at a karaoke