You Are a Choir Member If…

  • you can sit for hours learning a song without getting bored
  • the first time you receive a new musical score, you look at the notes, not the lyrics
  • you know very much that # is not a pound sign or a hashtag, it’s a sharp
  • you don’t mind singing the opposite sex’s part, in fact you find it rather easy
  • you know what a tuning fork is, and you’re best friends with it
  • when you are nearing a performance, you bring your scores to school/work
  • when you are nearing a performance, you rehearse late at night and your non-choir friends can’t do anything about it

  • you’re OK with wearing identical gowns and suit; and you call them costumes
  • you can still manage a smile even though the spotlight is burning your eyes
  • you can stand not wiping your sweat until it’s time to take a bow
  • you know the musical Les Miserables by heart
  • you have at least once dreamt of entering Conservatory of Music
  • you fight over a karaoke microphone with your life, and..
  • you know that belting is not all there is in singing

This is in celebration of my sixth year with the Marian Choir of Cavite! More power to us guys. To God be the glory.