College Confusion

My sister is currently in her senior year in high school, and you know how it goes: career talks, entrance exams everywhere! With less than five months before her graduation, she is one incoming freshman who is still in a haze on what program (course) she will take. And I am not saying I already had a brilliant idea during my time; I mean I was way worse. In her heart, she wants something in the hotel and tourism industry therefore International Hospitality Management is on top of her list. But aside from the fact that only a few universities offer the said program, it costs a lot of money; imagine combining all the money I spent in college then multiply it by 10.

She is currently applying for scholarship, but just in case, she has other options. There’s the more economical programs that promises opportunities–where else–abroad. The list goes on: Radiology Technology, Respiratory Therapy, and one option that really blew my mind was Education.

I am one of those millions who were persuaded to take a program that I particularly do not like, and as I struggle to survive outside those classrooms, I made realizations that I regret not having considered before.

One, do not take up heroic programs if your heart’s not in it. Do not by any means enter the world of teachers, nurses, police officers, firefighters, or anything similar if you just want it: you have to really, really want it. If you love yourself and is not willing to sacrifice for others, to selflessly serve for the rest of your life, or if a talking burning bush has not appeared to you and advised you; never make that move. Heroic programs lead to vocations, not ordinary jobs: they need heroes there, not mere employees. Giving up yourself is never easy, and if you have mistakenly entered the above professions because of peer pressure, parents’ pressure, or economic reasons, believe me, you would end up with regrets building in great piles every morning as you wake up. And if I am not enough proof of the above, I wish you all the best dude.

Two, take up your first love. No matter how complicated or impossible it might be, do your best to be able to enter the program where your heart is because that is only where you will be truly happy. If for instance you have realized that it is not for you, you still have a lot of time to shift programs or restudy; at least you have felt what it is like to do what you really want; unfortunately it just did not work out. While in the event that you would take up something that was just your second or third choice and you felt that it was a bad choice, it might be too late: time and opportunities might have passed you by and worse, you have not experience what it is like to be in your dream job. Sure you might be able to study college again, but it will never be the same if only you have started doing what you love most.

Final Words

Filling out that college admission form is very crucial, I just did not realize it until now. If I have, I would’ve taken Journalism or Mass Communication but circumstances lead to another and I just woke up reading blood pressures and analyzing drugs. It has been almost two years since I got my diploma, but still, I have a lot of “What If’s” going on in my mind and a lot of regrets on the path that I have chosen.

Choosing your college program is crucial. Do not take it for granted.