Oh boy, with the year 2012 already over, I am deemed to list my favorite people for the year that was. You know the drill, the following people has made great contributions to my life this past year and this is my way of thanking them. It was originally a list of ten, but was trimmed down to this number. I mean who cares how many? It’s not everyday that you meet special people and I’m just glad I did.
I met her during my short stay in Boracay Island where I had an accident. I was a bit skeptic of country doctors but upon seeing her, I must say I was impressed. Down-to-earth yet intelligent; locals and tourists alike are safe with doctors like you Ma’am. Keep it up!
It’s Sir Dek‘s second year in this list; he is by the way, my headnurse. I am just everyday amazed on how he continues to master his craft after all this years. A great leader, an awesome nurse.
Ma’am Rhems and I belong to one nurses’ station and she’s six years my senior, I think. I love her jolly personality and expertise in our field. She’s a great drinking buddy too. Others may think she’s loud and a bully, but I definitely believe she’s a sweet person and a fun companion.
I am always amazed at people who go after their dreams, and Abin is one who did just that. He was a former co-staff at 3C Station but now he is reassigned to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU), due to his request. He may seem weak on the outside, but he is beyond brave to go after his dream of becoming an ICU nurse even though it is very difficult. I am proud of you friend!
James is also one who went after his dream. We’ve been friends since our college days, making him a nurse too, but he now pursues his career as a photographer. I love his determination and creativity. I am just glad that there’s one person in my ‘barkada’ who is actually doing what he loves and what he’s good at. Keep it up Tol!
Rannie is also a friend from college and someone who just deserves to be in this list. He’s hardworking, responsible and one who’ll make a great family man in the future. I really need him in my life, because he reminds me that my problems are no-match to his and I have no right to complain, LOL. Thank you for everything Tol and let’s be OFWs this year, ok?
Yves is my younger brother. This big guy is actually a sweet and funny person. This year, I was inspired of his innate generosity; he might not have much, but he is willing to share what he has. 
According to the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), our country is among Asian countries worst hit by disasters this year. The famous ones are tropical storms Gener, Ofel, Habagat, plus unnamed earthquakes and flash floods. Despite the loss of lives, homes, and source of income, we Filipinos still manage to smile and wave when there is a flashing camera. I refuse to call it apathy, it is just our way of showing the world that neither typhoons and I bet nor the end of the world can shake our spirit: because it is indeed, waterproof. 
HAPPY 2013!
How about you, who has made the past year a special one? Go thank them!
Just let me say this: I am just glad the world did not end yet.