Preparing for IELTS

****Part of a very long series: TO CANADA, I WILL GO****

IELTS is International English Learning Testing System. It is widely recognized as a means to calibrate a candidates’ ability to use the English language in a country where English is the primary mode of communication. It is further divided into four sub tests: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. This examination, along with an Over-all Band Score of 6 or above, is the prerequisite I need to accomplish for my Canadian Visa to be finally processed.

English has always been my favorite subject for as long as I could remember, I had never prepared for any of my English examinations but repeatedly get the top score. For someone who has been a two-term Editor-in-Chief of a college paper, has won national awards on news and featuring writing, has bagged countless debates, is a certified blogger, and had constantly aced interviews; I would not have any problems taking this test. My friends being ever supportive, agreed that I will treat this as a piece of cake. They said I wont be needing any help, certainly not the help of a review center. However, my mom, who is paying for the examination, doubted me.

She said, “Are you sure you won’t enroll in a review center?”

Oh dear mother, it’s your pocket talking again.

I told her, “Madam, this is the only thing that I am good at. If you are asking me to take a nursing exam, I need a center, but seriously, English?”

I then started my own version of further improving my already good English. My regimen consisted of newspaper reads as often as I can, quizzes on grammar from college-admission review materials, novels from my bookshelf, the Cambride 8 book, and some IELTS review paraphernalia that a friend lent me though most are outdated already. I am totally enjoying this routine; it’s like getting paid for eating ice cream or something to that effect. It did not took long for me to finish all my materials though, I then went online to get more.

I have already set my mind that I will study on my own until one faithful day. I saw this at the commercial site

Oh my, IELTS crash review for less than a thousand pesos for the value of Php 3000! This is undoubtedly a good deal. I already swore that I will not get help, but how can I ignore this? My pride almost took over me but I then acknowledge it as a help from heaven (and no one must decline help from the Almighty) and made my purchase.

After which, I brought my printed voucher to the branch nearest to my house, 9.0 Niner Imus. I was enrolled right away and oriented on the examination structure. My voucher allows me to attend only 25 hours of lecture and a one-on-one coaching on speaking and writing and each lesson is three hours long; making that only eight: I think that will do. I learned that 9.0 Niner has several branches and one is free to attend on any branch provided that you bring your tracking card. Their offices are located strategically and I am pleased that I have easy access to some whether I am resting at home or when I decide to drop-by before or after work.

I am enjoying my review so far! My coworkers think that I am a very diligent student as I read and practice when I have time to spare at work. Truth is, English has always been my first love, I should have ended up as a journalist if I insisted. But that’s history already.