To Canada, I will go

   **** First part of a very long series****

Two weeks or so ago, I attended a seminar on Effective Planning and Time Management. In this seminar, I have learned that “there is a bigger possibility that what you have planned will eventually materialize if more people knows about it”. I first find that statement weird, because we Filipinos tend to keep our plans a secret until it is near its completion; and then the whole world will be surprised that we’ve been cooking something all along!

In the said seminar though, I learned that plans, as young as they are, when broadcasted will push the planner to work on it the soonest possible time; and that leads me to writing this would-be long series. Imagine if you, dear reader saw me in one of the hospital corridors and ask me about my plan of going to Canada, and then another reader asked me again as I am alighting the elevator, and then a friend text me about it: I would be pressured — and at the same time motivated to actually make my move to break away. For the purpose of this series, lets call this new process social brainwashing.


I am on my second year as a hospital staff nurse, and go ahead call me selfish, but I am tired of receiving meager salary that can only finance a single person. I dream of giving more money to my mom and helping pay more bills aside from the Php 1000 monthly I pay for broadband. I love what I do, but I would love it even more if I earn better.

As early as last year, I have been wandering to a handful of agencies and/or consultancies for their promise of helping me land on a higher-paying country. Agencies are recruitment centers that help employees get jobs on a certain country; some include board and lodging, depending on the contract. Consultancies, on the other hand, assist people to become ‘immigrants’ of a country: on a clearer note, you get there without a job, you have to find it yourself.  You will be holding though an immigrant visa: you get the same benefits a citizen of that country receive. I have been to a lot I said, but following are the notable offices I have been to so far:

I went in one of their seminars November of last year. Sadly, I did not meet their qualifications for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program even if I ace my International English Learning Testing System (IELTS) examination. Canada has a scoring system, I failed because I am single and I do not have an arranged employer there.

  • Global Pinoy Consultancy

This is a consultancy bound for Norway. No IELTS needed and the consultancy fee is affordable. I just did not like the idea of studying the Norwegian language and the place’s weather condition.

This center had the most appealing offer so far. They lend showmoney at 0% interest and provides free arrival service of food, board and lodging (care of former PinoyCare clients) until I get a job. I heard that Canada recently adjusted their scoring system, I hope I pass this time.


I have relatives in the United States, but getting a US visa is difficult if not all impossible. I also do not want to settle on working in the Middle East, it still has its scary aura to me and my mom would never allow me to set foot there. Further, the idea of student visa for countries like Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the like has no charm to me as I do not want to study anymore!

That leaves me the beautiful promise of living and working in Canada. I am fine with getting odd jobs at first as long as I make more than I earn here; and then I take it from there. I am scared to live alone but I would not let my fear stop me: this is for my future and I want this so bad. Good luck to me.

To trench coats and snow fights!