Deja vu

****Part of a very long series: TO CANADA, I WILL GO****

Upon receiving my IELTS Test Report Form or better known as result’s hard-copy, I immediately found my way to the office of the canadian consultancy I was eyeing: Pinoycare Visa Center. It was a long trip to Quezon City, good thing I have companion: my ever-supportive and patient mom.

Our travel time was actually longer than our stay in that office as we were told right away that nurses are unfortunately not part of Canada’s top occupations this year. Holy cow.

I could not believe it at first because didn’t I just took my IELTS to qualify for this year’s opening? I was really disappointed. My mom suggested that maybe we can wait until next year as my result will still be valid by then, I gave her a reluctant and shrugging Yes.

Truth is, I cannot wait until next year.
I have to have a Plan B. Or Plan C, or even D.

I then engaged in agency-hopping again; and after a month, I received an email from an agency sending nurses to United Kingdom. Hmm, I was aiming for dollars, but here’s an opportunity to earn in pounds. Oh well, anything but Philippine peso (no pun intended).

There were certain requirements I have to possess of course, and my goodness, I need a valid IELTS with no scores lower than 7.0 in the ACADEMIC module. What, IELTS again?

I ultimately have no choice so in a New York minute, I gathered all my paraphernalia which I thought I will never see again and attended review classes in classrooms I thought I will never set foot again. The academic module of IELTS is more challenging than the general training module as the texts are more scholarly and I have higher scores to get.

I must say I am scared now in a way I have not felt in my first take.

This time, I’ll let fate take it’s course.