Lost on a Sunday

It took me a while before I could come up with an opening sentence, but I guess there is no better or easier way to say it. I am writing this because I do not want this news to just go unnoticed.

It breaks my heart to say that the Marian Choir of Cavite is officially on hiatus.

At first, I could not believe that it is actually happening, it is painful enough to narrate it to friends, but I was surprised that it is even more painful to actually witness the loss unravel.

It happened this very morning…

It was courageous of me to attend the 9:30 AM mass which has been our slot for years – I just want to know who replaced us. I came in late, I do not have any idea why, but the same grounds which I served for 11 years had suddenly given me feelings of uncertainty. I literally had to stop myself from standing on the choir area: for today, I am but part of the audience.

The priest’s homily hit me hard. He said, “In whatever it is that we are experiencing at the moment, we should think of what God’s message to us is; and where He will lead us following this ill-fated event”.

I sang softly with the new choir throughout the service and got teary-eyed on some parts.

I am in this period when my life is in transition, a lot of things, besides my choir, had stunned me in a disappointing way. I am yet to discover God’s message to me but I am confident that I’m in good hands.

Final Words

We are on an indefinite leave, but our music will linger in my heart non-stop. There were several reasons for this, and I honestly believe that it is the best yet decision we have made for the group we have all learned to love.

I miss and love the Marian Choir!