Its that time of the year again! I am now listing my favorite individuals who had made 2013 a bearable year. It was sure a tough 12 months: the toughest in my life so far. But I am thankful to have known these people, personally or otherwise.

DISCLAIMER: I vow that from this year on, my list would not include my siblings: Yves, Aje, and Yoyo. These guys are the coolest bunch of kin ever; and it will be unfair if not extreme bullshit to list them as important people for a single year’s period. My laughter is at its best state when I’m with them: happiness I would never find in any other company. I love you guys! I hope when I have children of my own, they will have the same sticky bond that we share, I’m sure they’ll have a blast. 

Thus, expect that in every year, my awesome people list will be from outside my immediate family unless totally necessary. I mean, why would I bother writing it down, when I can thank them personally?

Now may I present, the PEOPLE OF MY YEAR 2013…


After more than 60 years, a Filipina finally got the most coveted Miss World crown last September. For people who know me well, it is my crazy dream to become a beauty queen: but just fall short of height. Her win might not materialize my dream, but her wit and attitude paved the way for more wins and made the Filipina beauty global. We see her everywhere, she has proven that pageants do have purpose beyond the gowns and fancy makeup.

You make us proud, Megan!


Celebrity couple Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia together with their kids Kendra (4), Scarlett (2), and Gavin (11months) compose this cute team. I join their thousands of fans in liking, sharing, and commenting on their adorable photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram. Through each post, I see how they admire each member and how love-filled their home is. I admire that they hold bible group studies in their home, provide lots of playtime for the kids but also impose disciplinary actions whenever appropriate: they are an inspiration to all Filipino families.


Next is a family not as famous as the Kramers but also won an admirer in me. Three of its children, Janine, Jeko, and Jethro were my choirmates. Their entire family is always present in all of our performances, and I mean every single one, no matter how small or plain. They are a clan of quiet yet extremely talented individuals. I have learned that Mr. and Mrs. Flores were also choristers in their time; they have met during the World Youth Day if I am not mistaken. That was the reason why they have undying support to their children’s talents. Cute story eh?


I have been working as a staff nurse for this institution for almost 3 years, was literally born and raised in its walls and I have not appreciated my workplace and its people until this year. Two months ago or so, someone I know got admitted and has to be operated in another hospital because ‘MDH’ sounded too expensive for her family; despite my mom’s offer to help them be included in the Social Service list. It then went to be a very lengthy admission, considering that it was a rather simple operation: as if everyone was waiting for a miracle to happen.

It broke my heart to learn that delays do happen in some hospitals. Just imagine how many lives would have been saved and how many patients would have been spared from undue stress if only the service was as swift and the machines were up-to-date as ours. I realized that I am really lucky for MDH was there when I need it: accessible, fast, and affordable. We sure weren’t kidding when we placed “World class care within your reach” as our motto. I would never bring any patient elsewhere.


My new home 11F Station has been the favorite floor whenever a hospital staff, doctor, or significant other is admitted. I’m not sure what’s in us, maybe we provide care like family. If other floors have their own respective specialties, I bet ours is VIP care.


My dear choir, whom I have been member for eight years, has gone on hiatus last July. It is one group where I have found lifetime friends, perfected the usage of my vocal chords, and learned the value of service. I terribly miss everything about it. In fact, I find myself teary eyed whenever a familiar song is being sang. This break is yet indefinite, but when it ends, I hope everyone’s ready to sing and listen to us once again.


I do not know anyone who had influenced me more than this man. He was my mentor: the choir master and the school paper adviser who made me into who I am today. Last February, Kuya Pat gathered the alumni of the Jesus Good Shepherd School Children’s Choir (JGSSCC), the group he founded and where I started choral singing, and invited us to be his recital choir as it is a requirement for his masters degree in Music Production. That was when the Shephedine Voices was born; singing pieces we last saw six years ago or so. I was in awe on how many young people’s lives he has changed and how many are willing to help him get that degree we all know he waited so long to achieve.

I regard Kuya Pat for his undying passion for his craft, I see him tired a lot of times; but never did he stop. Honestly, I am unsure of what I wanted to do with my life now, I’m juggling between being a nurse, a struggling blogger, an editor, an aspiring OFW, and a chorister on the side. I wish I could be like Kuya Pat: always sure of what he wants and willing to overcome anything for it. With the Marian Choir on hiatus, I do not know if I could ever sing under the baton of someone else, but I am just thankful to have worked with this great man.

HAPPY 2014!
Thank God for these people and cheers to meeting more amazing people! I hope and pray that this year will be a better 12 months for everybody. Till next list!