On Failing the NLE II

The figure in the title does not represent the number of Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE) attempts but is rather a sequel to the blog entry with the same title I wrote three years ago. I was compelled to write a part 2 because of the gush of comments I have been receiving in the first blog come NLE season. We sure see happy Facebook and Instagram posts of passers upon the announcement of the exam results, but I also notice the sad Anonymous comments of those belonging to the other side.

I have noticed that each person has a different story: some about non-supportive families while others are about retaking for as high as six times without any luck. They all wanted my advice even though I have not experienced the same fate.

Three years ago, I answered their inquiries with uplifting words, encouraging them to go after their dreams. I told them that the board rating and the number of takes does not define their worth. I still believe in that wisdom now, but I notice that I have grown maturely maybe because I have learned what I want in life. I now tell the commenters to re-evaluate, talk to their hearts, and find out if this is really the profession they want to belong. Since nurses, full-pledged and aspiring alike are martyrs, I want each commenter to find out for themselves if this goal to pass the NLE is for the right reason or they were just pressured by people expecting them to succeed or that dream they thought they own might be a dream of someone else conveniently passed on to them.

I suggest that by after doing so, they found their passion is still in Nursing; I believe they would see the NLE in a more pleasant light and the victory will just be within an arm’s reach.

If otherwise, then the heavens might be doing them tremendous favour disguising as failure.

In this time wherein I am very certain that I would someday change my profession from Nurse to Journalist; I was reminded by these people of the blessings I failed to count. I was reminded that once in my life; I got hold of the prestige without exerting much. I was reminded that truly, a lot of people wanted those two letters after my name and also my present job; unfortunately they were deprived of the opportunity.

Final Words

Thank you all for reading and commenting. I am a proud student of life and I learn every time I read about other people’s experiences. I hope my replies help in any way.

I will never get tired of saying that I look up to everyone who never stopped going after their true love. The best of luck to all of us!