Certified Hair Donor at the Matrix Cut For Cancer Challenge

“When was the last time you did one act of kindness?”

With my job as a nurse, I would say that I exhale acts of kindness every second that keeping a list would be impossible. But on a second thought, I am being paid for those acts and I do not do them all out of the kindness of my heart, if you know what I mean. So those job-related deeds do not count.

I first found out of the 8-inch Matrix Cut for Cancer Challenge through the Instagram post of celebrity Maxene Magalona. This venture was organized by Matrix, a famous salon brand in the country, David’s Salon, and by Khyte Ateneo, a foundation that provides psychosocial support to pediatric cancer patients.

I did not think twice after seeing that Instagram ad, I signed up immediately and looked for people who might want to join the cause. Cancer, is in fact a very disheartening illness for me. Not only because I see patients suffer from it because of my job; but this same disease took away my favourite uncle and my grandfather. So if there is something that I can do to uplift the hearts of those suffering the same fate, for so long that it is in my capacity, I am more than willing to take part in it.

I went to the event in SM North Edsa with my good friend Neema. It was fortunate that we signed up online because we were given priority slots as we really wanted to finish early. Apart from the hair we donate, we also made bracelets and loom bands to be given to the recipients.

I have long been meaning to cut my hair and I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to cut it for a good purpose. I know that I do not have shampoo commercial-worthy locks; but I sure hope the wig made out of my hair will put a smile on the face of the recipient. I let go of my hair with a prayer wishing that all cancer patients be in remission.