The year that just passed has not been a very pleasant year for my career. I intended and attempted  to work overseas, but unfortunately, none of my efforts bore fruit.

I refuse to believe it was a bad year though. In this post, I am listing the top people who have helped me realize that those failures were but minor blimps to my otherwise amazing year.


Now, please make way for the people of my year 2014


I had the gratifying opportunity of meeting this internationally-selling author during his short stay here in the Philippines last February. Having read his books that mostly talks of life after death, I never imagined that Mitch is one who really ‘walks his talk’ in his books. I mean some authors who writes love affairs are not romantic in reality, right? Mitch is downright humble (he do not even consider himself famous), generous (he donated boats and libraries for the victims of Haiyan), and inspiring (he speaks with so much faith and compassion).

I salute his great mind for creating masterpieces that have direct connections to his own life (Tuesdays with Morrie was about his old professor, The Five People You Meet in Heaven about his uncle, Have A Little Faith about his rabbi, and The First Phone Call from Heaven about his longing to hear the voice of his diseased mom); making his works all the more grounded and convincing.

I have been meaning to include the Pontiff to this roster last year, but he was then Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, and so I found it quite too patronizing. This time however, I would be mad not to include him. His leadership style is so influencial and effective that my faith in the Catholic Church was strengthened. As Christ’s representative here on earth, he has made Jesus available to more people despite race, age, gender, or religion. It is always amazing to hear news about what surprising deed Pope Francis has done. I don’t know, I believe words aren’t just enough to describe how extermely great this man is and how extremely lucky we are to have him as Pope.
I first learned about her through a television show I have watched during the Holy Week. Joy had a tragic experience of being sexually assaulted as a teenager. Whilst this bad history, she never let her faith in Jesus falter. I admire her strength and great devotion and so now, she has a husband who adores her, five children who are all equally devoted to Jesus and, a big community, one with her in service. I actually do not personally know her, in fact we do not have the same religion, but I follow her blog at, and every post is but an uplifting read. A good and unpretentious person; she truly deserves to be loved despite everything.
If you think this is another religion-related entry, you are mistaken. I have only attended Bo Sanchez’s fellowship program, The Feast, once, and it is not on that note why he is in this roll. I have Bo Sanchez to thank for giving me a broader perspective on securing my retirement. I invested in the stock market upon reading his book My Maid Invests in the Stock Market. In this book, he was able to explain how important keeping a fund for our old days is and how today is never too early or too late to start. It is a good thing that there are generous men like him: willing to share their knowledge to make the world a truly rich place.
It is common knowledge that I am fond of people going after their dreams. Ate Jo is a former choirmate who have always wanted to work as a flight attendant. Looking back, she tried applying for different airline companies and got rejected a handful of times. In fact, her attempts were so many she lost count of them! One successful application though led her to one of the biggest carriers in the world, the Emirates. Truly, she was rejected many times because she was reserved for something bigger. She now enjoys flying to different countries while doing the job she enjoys. I bet she was really made to travel the world. You are truly an inspiration, wishing you safe landings Ate Jo!
My youngest sibling Yoyo gets a spot in this list because of his persuasion LOL.
No, I mean I am truly proud of what he has become this year. We opt out of our household help and I appreciate his effort of braving alone time at home, managing his school essentials, and being responsible for himself. This guy is actually the sweetest sibling I have, he wakes me up and kisses me before going to school or sometimes for no apparent reason. He is one who always puts a smile on my face, always amazes me with things he know despite his young age. Surely, if I have left to work overseas, this lad is one I will terribly miss.
I know I have vowed to never include a member of my immediate family to this list, but surely this is an exemption?
Great things really happen to diligent people. Sir Ervin, owner of 9.0 Niner Review Center, was one who used his talent of public speaking to teach and help people pass the IELTS examination. In return, he became a very successful entrepreneur. I look up to him because in every lecture that he holds, his intent to help reviewees is very evident (and that is not usual to all teachers). He is very intelligent yet approachable, and informative yet funny.
I may not have achieved my target score in the IELTS but I would still want to thank 9.0 Niner for the patience, time, and the desire to help I was selflessly shared with. The review fee I paid is nothing compared to the life lessons I was taught. IELTS, Canada, or the UK was just really not for me. Yet.

Year 2014 wasn’t all bad: I have been blessed to welcome the New Year with my family even though I was on duty (they came to the hospital to join me), went on a family retreat with them, learned how to drive a stick-shift vehicle, donated 8-inches of my hair to kids with cancer, been published, for the second time, in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Youngblood column, have the pleasure of being moved by the above people… really do I have to enumerate everything? Because this post could go on forever.

You get the picture, 2014 wasn’t perfect, and so as everything else.
But still, thank goodness for another year!