Signing Off

RN experience ends today.
Thank you Nursing! Even though you’ve tortured me, I know I have learned immensely for I am a lot wiser and tougher now. Florence Nightingale, wherever you are: Peace Man! I did my best the past four chaotic years, you know that. I just would never have forgiven myself if I got stuck to one job that exercises my diploma but saps the growth, respect, energy, and happiness out of my very soul. 
Darn it routine, I hate you.
I bet whatever my next career will be, it’ll be a piece of cake because of my first job. I hope and pray that my next career will be something I truly love and enjoy. For the meantime, let me savor my well-deserved indefinite rest. 🙂
Nurse Peng is out! PEACE!
You can now rest! Goodbye!