The Best Part of Quitting

At last, I am done with following doctor’s orders, cleaning patient’s bottoms, running around corridors doing errands, facing gruesome views, and working for long hours.

I thought that the best part of quitting Nursing was getting away from all the inhumane tasks; but I was wrong…

When my last day of employment came and I shared the great news in my Facebook account, that single post garnered the highest number of likes and comments in all of my posts ever. I also received personal messages from people I have not talked to for long but told me that they admired what I did. A lot also confided that they too are not happy with their jobs and their current positions. It was as if a whole new breed of unhappy employed people were awaken because of my resignation. Also, prior to my last day, I have overheard various conversations of my workmates about how I have influenced their views on their employment.

For me, the best part of quitting was being able to influence, give hope, and give courage to other people and show them that there are a lot of options in the world.

If something in life no longer makes you happy, be it a job, relationship, whatever: QUIT

If you don’t like the sound of that, then use “let go”. In this life event, I have learned that there is no such thing as ‘No Choice’, life is how we make it and we always have a million choices to choose from.

In my case, I chose to do this because I have exhausted all means and I am quite sure that this is not the best place I want to be.

Some say ‘Winners never quit, quitters never win’, others believe that ‘Quitting is never an option on the road to success’. I have heard a lot of negative reactions when I’ve decided to leave the profession but none affected my decision. Whatever those quotes say, I am living my life the way I want to and no amount of outside reaction can stop me. Because the last time I listened to the opinion of other people, even though it was my mom, I have wasted almost 10 years of my life being unhappy.

I will always and forever be proud of this decision. Please pray for me.