Blog O’ Speak Manila: Cheap, Fun, and Informative

The 1st Manila Blog Convention, aptly called “Blog O’ Speak” was held last July 25 at St. Paul University (SPU) Manila in Taft Avenue. I learned about it through the blog and just decided to show up to learn a thing or two about this hobby I’ve been engaged to for quite a while now.

The event has been graced by mostly Communications students of St. Paul, St. Dominic College of Asia, and Quezon City High School. I first thought that there will be a lot of bloggers coming to the event but it was packed with mostly students.

The event was cheap, but in a really good way. All participants were advised to donate P100 to cover for the venue. Apart from that, there were free food, Wi-Fi, prizes for games, raffle, and social media connected competitions. I’ve never imagined my P100 can go that far.

That Saturday was fun. It was an 8-5 event filled not only with the usual speeches but performances from SPU students, and some local and international performers. It was a first that I have seen someone perform a sitar and accordion, instruments from India and France respectively.

SPU students from the College of Music and Perorming Arts

a French Accordion player

Blog O’ Speak did not disappoint, it was of course informative. The topics presented revolved on jumpstarting your blog, finding your niche, blogger perks, and using the blog as effective marketing tools. They were presented by young, yet established writers of today. The topics were more geared for the students who are still planning on starting their blogs but what I found to be helpful for me was that the speakers imparted information about blogger communities and how to reach them.

I’ve always had a thing with schools: it makes me feel young, competitive, and nostalgic. I feel this way in any school; I don’t have to be an alumnus. That short stay in SPU made me miss my days as a choir member, and my short-lived career as a school newspaper editor especially that part when they showed the magazine they made as their project and the Matilda musical that will be staged in August. Young people are amazingly creative and passionate, I must say.

I sure enjoyed the event; but more than the knowledge and gifts I received that day, it is in knowing that I am not alone in this passion. It is not every day that I get to be with people with the same interest I have. This is because I have no Communications classmates like most of the participants. Events like these refuels my passion to write.

Gosh, I’m definitely looking forward to the next conventions!