That Day I Decided To Be A Nurse Again

Hold your pearls!
I know I have made it clear I am never returning to Nursing; that I in fact denounced my sworn profession. It has been what, WOW, more than 4 months since I last worn all white. I am now living my dream as a writer and I’ve never been happier. However, one occasion required my superb nursing skills and who am I not to share?
A colleague of my mom underwent head surgery. She needed intensive long-term care, and the family is getting low in funds. Hiring a private nurse is very expensive and so I volunteered my services though only for a short time. You know, I have to go back to writer mode fast, thus the photo above.
In that short span of time, I again experienced taking vital signs, again heard medical terms I was surprised still made sense to me, and once again went home with painful legs. But it felt good! So good it gave me an idea that the last 4 years have not been a total waste, my nursing skills are in fact helpful stuff
Mind you, I have never seen it that way before.
It was such a moving experience to be able to actually help. At least I am the one helping than the other way around. I am in love with my life now and I hope you’re doing the same.
Cheers to finding happiness!
Photo by Angelica Desuyo