My First Day As A Writer

I was a nurse for four years, and I almost lost myself in that profession. The everyday stress, depression, pain, and suffering took a toll on my life. I firmly believe that I deserve to be in a better situation because I am young, I should be enjoying my life and my job.

I went out of the hospital and went after my true love: writing. But it wasn’t that easy, no company wanted to employ me because all I have is my Nursing diploma and this blog. I waited for four long months. I waited, and waited, then waited. I sent applications to just about all the magazines and newspapers I know of. I went to interviews and exams where I was told that they will call me back but never actually did.

Finally, one fateful night, I received an email saying they want me in. You could just imagine how happy I was that night!!!

The email was from an SEO company and they wanted me to be their Website Content Writer. Not exactly the job title I was expecting, but hey it’s got the magic word “writer” in it, so count me in!

As I was preparing for my first day, I didn’t know what to wear! I’ve worn white uniform most of my life and now I am being given a chance to wear whatever’s in my closet. Plus, I can let my hair down. #bestdayofmylife

I then decided on a floral off-shoulder blouse, EARRINGS, and some comfy jeans. When I got to my new workplace, I was ushered into a room with people seated infront of computers. I was given my own seat and I didn’t realize I know very little about computers till then, LOL. It was actually a bit embarrassing but I accepted all the corrections with a happy heart. It was a first that I got to have “officemates” and I’m still getting used to that.
My first day was a blast!

I am amazed at how I don’t need to run from one room to another attending to patients’ whims. Everyone in the office was nice and no one judged me for being not much of a brilliant writer. The atmosphere was so light, fun, and there was always food. As I’ve said, I have my own seat, with a view, and a personal computer. We even have a one-hour lunch break. Wow, I never had anything like that!

Looking back, I realized that the hospital atmosphere was too negative and in there, everyone was expected to always know the perfect solution to all problems. There was no room for mistakes and everybody: the patients, doctors, other nurses, and all other hospital staff are their own bullies.

In my new job, I type press releases, blogs, and more day in and day out. And the best part? Even if I commit a mistake, no one will die.

I am a lot happier now, I wake up each day with the enthusiasm to work. I love my life now. I now found the freedom to eat and pee whenever I want to; I was actually deprived of that privilege during my Nursing days. I understood that it really isn’t about money. Today, I am pursuing my happiness and I don’t give a damn if I don’t earn much.

Writing has opened a lot of opportunities for me and I am forever grateful of this chance. I am thankful for all the knowledge I have acquired in my previous job, but I don’t think I will go back to it any time soon. It would take a catastrophe as immense as the 10 plagues for me to do that again, I think. I have no idea what there is in the future but I am excited every day. Cheers!