Top 5 Things I Love About Blogapalooza 2015

This year’s Blogapalooza was held on October 25 at One Esplanade, Pasay City. Being a blogger for almost five years now, it’s embarrassing to admit, but it’s my first time to attend such an event. And boy, I didn’t know what I was missing. If I had only known that blogging is this exciting, I should have started when I was 3! LOL

As a background, Blogapalooza is a community of bloggers and online influencers for them to easily connect to different brands. The organizers created the event for everyone to have a one-stop-shop venue for networking and advertising.

One Esplanade

Listed here are the reasons why I love the event and why I, and you too, should attend the next one, and the one after that…

FIVE: Blogapalooza made me realize how important and influential bloggers can be

I categorize my blog as a Personal / Lifestyle one and I do it because it’s my life-long dream to be a writer. I didn’t even care if people read my works, for as long as I am able to express my feelings, I’m in heaven. But through Blogapalooza, I realized that blogging is more than just getting your thoughts out. It’s a powerful platform because as much as there are many bloggers, there are much more readers. These readers get information from us; they take away some precious time in their busy lives to see what we have to say so we ought to be worth their time and trust. Because our contents are very shareable, they reach people of all ages. It’s a must that we bloggers be very careful and responsible in the materials that we produce. #responsiblemedia

FOUR: Blogapalooza gave me loads of things to feature

And I mean loads. Have you ever felt like there is nothing interesting going on in your life and you have nothing to write about? Well, I have. But after the event, I have more than five must-post blog articles and even though no one’s prompting me to write straight away, I couldn’t help myself! I’m so excited to publish them! This is because there are brands in the event which have blog writing contests I want to join for cool prizes and there are a lot I genuinely liked I promised myself I will have to write about them.



THREE: Blogapalooza helped me gain new blogger friends

I instantly gained three new blogger friends who were all first-timers in such events and they enjoyed it as much as I did. Everything was new to us, but it was an exciting kind of new. I definitely believe that bloggers are very kind and honest people that is why it’s not very hard to make friends in this industry.


TWO: Blogapalooza brought out the fangirl in me

There were a lot of celebrities! I was fortunate to take photographs with THE Vince Golangco of and celebrity blogger Valerie Tan. Sam Oh, Rivermaya, Kamikazee, Urbandub, and other celebrity guests were there also. It was indeed a one-stop-shop occasion.

                                                 Valerie TanVince Golangco

And finally, the TOP reason why I LOVE BLOGAPALOOZA…


What? I’m just being honest!

There were just so many giveaways for the bloggers considering we did not pay a single centavo. There were games, social media contests, raffle, you name it! From small prizes like pens and cookies, to expensive major prizes like gadgets and hotel accommodation, they have it all covered. I came in carrying nothing but my bag, but came out with sore shoulders as I could barely carry the heavy eco-bag I took home.

Blogapalooza Freebies

I can’t wait for next year’s Blogapalooza! This amazing event was proudly presented by together with partners like Unicef, Flawless, Bambu, JB Music, Sosro Fruit Tea, Victoria Court, and many others. To the organizers and sponsors, continue doing what you’re doing! Thank you and more power!