3 Ways To Support Authors You Love: Filipino ReaderCon

As a friend of mine knows I enjoy reading a lot, she invited me to attend the Filipino ReaderCon last Nov. 28 at the DLSU campus. It had a theme “Toward a Reading Revolution”. Eventually, my friend did not show up on the day so I went there by myself! Haha! It’s no big deal really. I wanted to make good use of my weekends and I feel that this event will be worth my time.

At first, I am not aware of what this event is about. Upon paying the registration fee of P150, I was given my welcome freebies:


I only stayed for the entire morning and participated in two of the activities. The first one was called “The Blog Tour: How To Turn Your Book Into A Rock Star”. I learned that there are such things as blog tours, wherein bloggers can sign up and make honest reviews on a particular book. It’s a marketing strategy to make new books reach a wider audience through the supporters of the participating blogs. I thought it was a great idea! I just found yet another blog venture! Yipee! Plus, I also met book bloggers who can help me improve in this craft.

The second activity and the one that made a huge impact on me was a panel discussion on “Supporting Authors You Love”. I met some Filipino authors I didn’t know existed but then the experience made me very excited to read their works. I’ll be honest; I am an author-based reader: I only read and buy books from my exclusive list of favorite authors. It’s very hard to get on that list, by the way.

I was surprised that there are actual Pinoy authors whom I can interact with. But, I am yet to know if I would love their works. I promise to buy some of their books soon. But apart from buying their books, as readers, we can actually help them more. Here are some of the ways to do so:

1. Promote their books in social media
In this era, even ordinary people can be great influencers when they use their social media accounts. People will be intrigued once you share your love for a particular author or book in your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

2. Invite them to events, collaborate with them
This is particularly a great idea for Filipino authors you love. Expose them to a bigger audience by asking them to speak at events where they can promote their books. The collaboration options are endless: some authors are being invited as thesis respondents, marketing content sources, etc.


It’s A Mens World author Bebang Siy (rightmost) shares how she was once invited to a poem reading recording used as a call waiting tone. Did you see the uniqueness in that collaboration? With her are some other Filipino authors: Mina Esguerra, Kim Villanueva, and Tepai Pascual.

3. Buy directly from the author
Apart from getting it at a cheaper price, your favorite author profits more in transactions like these as no bookstore or publisher gets a commission. However, you shouldn’t do this all the time because your purchase wouldn’t help your author’s bookstore ranking.

Despite being here for the first time and not staying for very long, it was a pleasure to know that there are a lot of Filipino authors to be proud of and that I could really do something to support them.

Peng Desuyo at FilReaderCon
I sincerely hope that more people find the time and enthusiasm to read. Our generation needs it. Cheers to more events like this!
Learn more of their upcoming events at https://filipinoreadercon.wordpress.com/
So, what are your thoughts about reading?