Good Food and Inspiration Served at Chef Boy Logro’s 7 Flavors Buffet

With all the buffet restaurants all over the country, what makes 7 Flavors Buffet & A La Carte stand out from the pack? For one, it is partly owned by one of Philippine Showbiz’s most popular culinary experts, Chef Boy Logro. Surely, it isn’t every day that you get to experience eating food conceptualized by the Kusina Master himself, right?


Before I speak of the interior, 7 Flavors Buffet & A La Carte’s facade deserves a mention. It has a modern, hotel-like look that I actually said “Wow” the first time I saw it. The place has a very luxurious vibe so it was a surprise that their offerings are very affordable. Note that the a la carte area is on the first floor while buffet is served upstairs.

Chef Boy Logro Restaurant

The buffet area can hold up to 150 people and there are also isolated glass-walled rooms for small groups. These are perfect for groups who would like to stay together while they eat and not have strangers sitting beside them. On the tables, paper place mats bearing 7 Flavors Buffet & A La Carte’s logo as well as the “seven flavors” that each diner will get to experience: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, umami, and astringent.


Chef Boy Logro Restaurant

7 Flavors Buffet & A La Carte aims to reinvent their menu often. They change their food selection every two weeks. For that particular Friday night, the appetizers served were:

  •           Hawaiian Pizza             Meat and Cheese Pizza         Kani Salad
  •  Fresh Fruits                  DIY Tacos                               Bread & Butter
  •      Corn Soup                     Singaporean Rojak Salad       Macaroni Salad
  •           Potato Croquettes        DIY Salad
The DIY Tacos is my absolute favorite. The huge taco shell allows you to literally put in as much ingredients as you want. The beef was tasty and tender while the tacos were the right amount of crispness. It’s actually no surprise that this is one of the store’s bestsellers.

DIY Tacos
Hawaiian Pizza
7 Flavors Buffet & A La Carte has a limited food selection if you would compare it to other buffets. They compensate for this in terms of the quality of their dishes. The menu has a unique mix of meat, rice, pasta, and vegetables. So whatever your preference may be, there is surely something for you here.

I was privileged to sample the following in the main dish category:

       –          Steamed Rice                     – Yang Chow Rice           – Creamy Penne Pasta
        –          Vegetable Garden              – Beef Caldereta               – Mediterranean Seafood
         –          Soy Tofu                            – Pork Salpicao                 – Chicken Maryland

The Beef Caldereta is a must-try. This dish sure has a lot of variations and I have tasted quite a handful of it, but I find 7 Flavors Buffet & A La Carte’s as not too spicy. It did not try to be extravagant and so that added to its appeal and good flavor.
Buffalo Wings
During weekends, 7 Flavors Buffet & A La Carte has a special treat for diners. They have an “Action Station” where the best food choices (in my opinion) are located (Gosh, I’m so lucky). There were:
  •           –          Calamares                   – Tonkatsu                   – Buffalo Wings
    Roast Beef                   – Sushi                          – Liempo
Do try out their Tuna Sashimi. Yes, Sashimi. I know, it isn’t on the list above, and neither is it displayed. It is actually a secret menu *wink. Just order one from the staff stationed at the Action Area. You have to try it, IT’S SO GOOD!
Of course, eating most of the above, if not all, left me craving for some sweets. The dessert department presented the following:
Dessert Bar

     –          Rumballs                     – Pudding                     – Mango Tapioca
          Mango Panna Cotta    – Cream Puff               – Brownies
          Coffee Jelly                 – Halo-halo                  – Big Scoop Ice Cream

7 Flavors Buffet & A La Carte is an Eat And Drink All-You-Can Buffet. They serve iced tea, lemonade, red tea, and purified water as refreshments. The buffet is priced at PHP 399.99 for lunch and PHP 499.99 for dinner during Mondays through Thursdays. And it can be availed at PHP 599.99 for both lunch and dinner for Fridays, weekends, and holidays.
Chef Boy Logro Restaurant
Besides the food that this dining place offers, I am particularly in awe of the success Chef Boy Logro is experiencing. Opened last May 2015, 7 Flavors Buffet & A La Carte is just one of the fruits of this diligent man’s hard work.
I have watched his life story on TV and did some more research as I review this restaurant. I learned that he was a former Chinese Restaurant houseboy who only finished fifth grade. However, his eagerness to learn and exceptional talent in the kitchen paved the way for him to be employed as the personal chef of the King of Oman and later on, the first and only Executive Chef in a five-star restaurant here in the Philippines. And look at him now, still enjoying his profession, while inspiring and stuffing us all with delectable concoctions. Salute!


196 A. Mabini St., Brgy. Addition Hills, San Juan, Metro Manila
Opening Hours: Everyday
A la Carte, 7AM- 11PM
Buffet 11AM- 2:30PM, 5:30PM- 10PM
Parking? Yes
Wi-Fi? Yes
Hashtag: #7flavors
Follow them on Facebook
, Instagram, or call 721-0653 for reservations Disclaimer: The food was complimentary but all views are my own.