Upcoming Workshop: One Day to Freedom for Virtual Assistants

April 2015: I left my job as a nurse. Back then, I was determined to pursue my dream and land an important job as a writer. Guess what, it wasn’t easy.
With zero experience in the actual publication process, a non-related diploma (READ: Nursing), an undying belief that I am an amazing writer, and a five year old blog, no media company wanted to take me in. Not even as an errand girl to serve the morning coffee of the real writers! The nerve of those companies!
It took me quite some time to finally get a writing job. I now work as an SEO Content Writer. But I had to wait at least six months before I was employed. It was depressing, embarrassing, and downright degrading.
During those dismal six months, I tried working from home. I looked up on the Internet and found some job postings that I believe I could actually do. Writing blogs, encoding data, copyediting articles, scheduling appointments, those kind of stuff. I applied on all that I could send my resume’ to. However, I technically lack the skill and know-how in this work-at-home scheme.
That time, I don’t know what SEO is yet , or how to create contents that are SEO-friendly. I also have no idea how to persuade clients to hire me, how to collect my payments, or how I would pay for my taxes. I don’t even know what a virtual assistant means!
I had no one to guide me back then so I ended up being employed again. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for this job as I have learned a lot. Also, in my opinion, I became a better writer because of this job. With these skills I have now, I can take in part time jobs to augment my salary.
Congratulate me, would you, I now know that virtual assistants (VA) are people who provide professional services to clients from a remote location. I envy them as they can actually work in the comforts of their home. They wouldn’t need to brave the everyday traffic and the prying eyes of a boss.
VAPreneur One Day To Freedom Workshop
If only I had known about Professional VAs Academy back then, I wouldn’t have groped in the dark. Professional VAs Academy is an organization that provides training courses for aspiring and current virtual assistants so they can improve their craft and increase their earnings.
More earnings? Count me in! How about you?
WHAT: VApreneur: One Day to Freedom Workshop
WHEN: October 22, 2016       9AM to 5PM
WHERE: Bluefin Grill in Metrowalk, Ortigas, Pasig City
1.      How to transition from employee to VApreneur (Virtual Assistant Entrepreneur)
2.      How to capitalize on your passion and existing skills while using the business model for your lifestyle
3.      Possible opportunities behind online entrepreneurship
4.      How to find clients that pay and appreciate the value of a VA’s work
5.      How to level up your their skills and charge up to 10x your current rate as a Virtual Assistant

I don’t know about you, but this invite got me at #5.

To register, head out to Professional VA Academy’s website.

See you there!