Join WikAwit Choir Competition and Be Recognised as the Best Kabitenyo Choir

Fifteen years ago, I went to a choir audition with no intention of actually auditioning. I just went to accompany a good friend. You know, for moral support purposes. When we entered the audition room, the choir adviser approached me. She knows me as I am one of her students.

Choir Adviser“Peng, here is the form for you to fill out”
Me“No Ma’am, I just came here to accompany my friend. I am not auditioning”
Choir Adviser: “But you can sing, right? Oh if you don’t share your talent, the Lord will take that away from you”
Me“Okay po, where do I sign?”

I then passed the audition, attended rehearsals, sang in masses, concerts, and weddings for the following eleven years. Yes, eleven years. I did it despite school and work. I even remember attending late night rehearsals after a long day at work and then reviewing my scores during my downtime.

In case you are wondering, the featured photo shows the Marian Choir of Cavite in 2010. Yes, that’s me, fifth from left. *wink

Juggling personal, career, student, and choral life is sure challenging. However, those were some of the best days of my life. It’s just amazing to work together with a team while creating music that other people enjoy. And on top of that, nothing beats being able to give glory to God through the talents given to us.

I also made lasting friendships with my fellow choristers. I mean, we’ve been together through easy and difficult song pieces, pulled all-nighters rehearsing, travelled together for tours and more, so it’s just impossible not to have a great bond.

I know choristers can relate to this.

In Cavite, my hometown, there’s just so much choral talent. I got to mingle with some choral groups during church meetings and concerts and I must say that our province has promising choral talent.

Luckily, WikAwit, a competition specifically geared towards recognizing Kabitenyo (Cavite based) choirs is happening really soon! This is open to all school, community, and church choirs in the province of Cavite. The winning choir will win a whopping PHP 20,000 in cash.

How cool is that?

Registration is still ongoing! See details below.


Don’t waste any minute: gather your Altos, Sopranos, Tenors, and Basses now, take out those music scores from your drawer and sing your heart out for WikAwit.

The best of luck to all the participants!