Must-Try Cebu Attractions For Your Next Trip With Your Super Tropa

Super Tropa: people whom you can ask to jump off a building and wouldn’t think twice to take the plunge.

They could be your childhood playmates, high school friends, or office buddies. In my case, I found my Super Tropa clad in white uniform while carrying bulky Community Health and Medical – Surgical Nursing books: my college classmates.

So… have you recently had a getaway with your Super Tropa? If your last trip with them was years ago, then it’s about time to plan the next one! Cebu, Philippines is one destination you shouldn’t miss out. Reasons right below.

Who’s the tropa’s bravest? Find out through Canyoneering in Badian

Canyoneering is an outdoor activity that involves travelling down watercourses by means of walking, trekking, jumping, and swimming. This is one adventure that your group shouldn’t miss. I personally think that Canyoneering is more of a “friends bonding” activity than it is family-friendly. This is because it could be too tiring or dangerous to very young or very old members of the family. At least if you do canyoneering with your friends, you have more or less the same level of agility that would allow you to finish the entire course.

The highlight of this trek is the 30-feet, 40-feet, and 60-feet high cliff jumping! Dare your friends to a jump and find out who chickens out, LOL

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Can your group follow simple instructions? Test that out while balancing the huge raft in Kawasan Falls

Towards the end of the Canyoneering route is the marvelous waterfalls named Kawasan. We arrived there past noon and like most tourists, we want to experience riding the huge rafts and experiencing the soothing back massage offered by the waterfalls.

There’s a big challenge though: balancing the huge raft.

There were plenty of times that the raft tilted on one side and almost capsized as more and more of my friends are standing on that side. We couldn’t hear the instructions of the tour guide because of the loud gush of water and of course, our even louder laughs.

Watch how we miserably failed following instructions in this video

Unleash your modelling skills at Temple of Leah or Sirao Farm

Cebu is home to some of the most Instagram-worthy venues ever discovered. If you and your group of friends are aspiring models or fashion bloggers, make sure to include Temple of Leah and Sirao Farm in your itinerary.

As I was browsing through our vacation photos, I clearly found who won in this Instagram game. Lovely shots!

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MCDC Travel and Tours

Our trip was made possible by MCDC Travels and Tours. I highly recommend them for their very professional yet personalized service. One of my friends who was celebrating his birthday during our trip even received a surprise cake compliments of the agency.

MCDC Travel and Tours

Final Words

Indeed, nothing beats finding friends that would do fun things with you. Meeting and keeping them make life richer and crazier. Go ahead and book your next adventure with them, and make sure you work with a travel partner that will go beyond their duty to provide you with the best experience ever!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all opinions are mine.