Money Saving Hacks For People Who Want To Undergo Lasik Eye Surgery

Many people think that undergoing Lasik Surgery is only for the rich. I completely disagree.

Restoring perfect vision surely doesn’t come cheap, but the procedure is not impossible to avail if you are really up for it. In fact, it took me about three years to finally pool all the funds I needed for this life-changing procedure.

Here’s how I did it:

  • I created a Lasik fund

I dedicated a specific fund for the procedure. I had no idea when I will finally use it (and frankly how much I really needed) but I just kept adding money to that fund: every single pay day. It wasn’t easy; there was even one time that I had completely zeroed out the fund because of an out-of-town trip. That was really irresponsible of me and I had to start all over.

I then opened a bank account solely for my Lasik fund to prevent myself from touching the money for other purposes. Putting money to the fund religiously was to me like exercise; it became easier as time passes.

  • I kept two eyeglass frames for when I needed to change eyeglasses

Buying eyeglasses every now and then is so expensive. There’s a whole lot of nice-looking eyeglass frames in the market and it’s so fun to try out different frames. If you’re a four-eyed person, you’ll know that one set (frame + lens) could easily cost Php 3,000 or more. But really, who needs additional expenses like that?

Before my Lasik procedure, I noticed that my eye grade goes up every year. And when it does, I don’t buy new frames. I have two old but durable frames that I just interchange. Thus, all I had to pay for was the lens (Php 1,000 or less). These frames accompanied me until my eye grade shoot up to 650/600.

Lasik Save

Ignore the baby boy and his hotdog LOL

  • I scouted Lasik discounts

The average non-discounted price for Lasik procedure here in the Philippines is Php 100,000 and above. I absolutely have no plans of shelling out this big. And so I read blogs, joined forums, interviewed friends who already went through Lasik, and kept myself updated with the latest deals.

Luckily, I was able to avail of Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics’ anniversary promo. I only paid Php 60,777 while their regular price is Php 140,000. Sweet, isn’t it?

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Apart from these three, bringing packed food every day, changing my shopaholic attitude, using public transportation, and eliminating all my unnecessary expenses also helped me save money for Lasik. You see, it’s not impossible! I’m so proud of this investment and I wouldn’t do it any other way 🙂

Are you also saving up for your Lasik procedure?
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