Easy Side Income Jobs To Make More Money Online and Offline

I’ve been writing a lot about saving money and proper ways of spending it on this blog. But in truth, these are not enough. In my favorite novel series “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, Becky Bloomwood’s Dad gave out a valuable financial advice.

He said: ‘Cut Back’ or ‘Make More Money’

Since April of 2017, I needed to attend German language classes every weekday and so I was forced to shorten my daily work schedule. Since then, I spend my day as a part time content writer in the morning and then as a student from afternoon to night. Four hours of work every day do not generate much money, and so I looked for other ways to augment my income.

Surprisingly, despite having this work set-up this year, I was still able to pursue some of my financial goals and make not-so-cheap expenses like undergoing Lasik Surgery, treating my entire family to a vacation, and nurturing my stock investments.

Today, I will be sharing some of the part time jobs I’ve been doing. No special talent is needed for these jobs: just plain old discipline and perseverance.

  •         Blogging

    make more money 1

A lot of people are clueless on how bloggers actually make money. Just to be clear, I write and maintain this blog not to earn money, but to express myself and continuously practice my writing. But if I can get additional income out of it, then why not, right?

There are tons of ways for bloggers to monetize their blog but I’ll introduce just two major ways for the time being. One of which is through sponsored posts. If you notice that I promote a certain company or brand in some of my blog posts, then those are more likely sponsored. These brands pay a certain amount (or free travel or products) to be featured on my website and to be introduced to you, my readers.

We also earn through affiliate marketing. When you look to your left (if on desktop), you will see advertisements. If any of these ads appeal to you and you click on them and then eventually purchase whatever is featured on the ad, I earn a small commission from that. This has no added expense to you, but the advertisers will pay me as ‘rent’ for the space they are occupying on my website.

This blog has opened a lot of opportunities for me and actually making money online came as a shock to me. The money I earn isn’t big, but it helps me maintain this blog as I have to pay for my domain name, hosting, as well as invest in a few things to further improve my craft such as my camera, accessories, applications, seminars and the like.

  •          Freelance Writing

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Okay, okay… Blogging and freelance writing might seem like the same thing to you, but they are slightly different. When I say blogging, I mean tasks related to my blog and posts that are actually featured on my website. But with freelance writing, it is usually content I write for other people (I call them clients) that they use them for different purposes like advertising, website content, etc. This is more commonly known as ghost writing and since these clients pay me to write for them, I hold no ownership of the contents.

Blogging and freelance writing are somewhat related. Just like what I’ve said earlier, this blog has opened a lot of opportunities for me. I use this blog as portfolio or proof of my writing skills so that the clients can assess if I can indeed deliver the contents they need from me.

I also have an online portfolio of my published works. It’s pretty easy to do and it’s free. So if you have published works and you’d like to put them in one place, you can use my portfolio as your guide. You can access it through this blog’s menu:

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Having a portfolio is important for someone who’d like to get started as a freelance writer. If you don’t have one, you wouldn’t have anything to present to perspective clients. Some clients might even exploit you by asking for free samples (write an article for free for evaluation) and this is a big no-no. If you have a portfolio, then that’s enough proof that you can write, so no need for samples.  

Some freelance writers get jobs from online platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, Guru, and Onlinejobs.ph. I have accounts in these platforms but I don’t have time to bid for projects and send multiple proposals to different people. I usually get my freelance writing jobs from social media (I join communities for writers where people looking for freelancers post their job vacancies).

  •         Online Selling

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This one’s pretty easy. We are all familiar with online selling platforms like Olx.ph or Carousel. Selling just about anything is now made very easy with the Internet. In this case, the possibilities are endless. Think of all the stuff you have at home that you don’t need or even those you can buy cheap from Divisoria and then you can sell at a higher price online.

In my Instagram shop, @bibliomaniac_shop, I sell books that I don’t read anymore and some of my Nursing books that are just collecting dust at home. I bought these books brand new and they aren’t cheap. By selling them, I get some of the money I spent years ago and the books got to be of good use to other people.

  •          Singing Gigs

    Marian Choir Of Cavite

I did some choral singing many years back. I also performed with my choir on weddings and concerts. Unfortunately, the Marian Choir of Cavite, which I have been member for 7 years, went on hiatus on 2013. I stopped choral singing since then.

But this year, a friend asked me to try it out again. We all know that choirs are in-demand come Christmas season and so the Summerwind Choir needed singers for their performances, out of which they will pay me a talent fee.

I do rehearsals with them every weekend and I must say it’s really challenging to study and memorize all the notes and the lyrics. Couple that with the fact that I have a job, I study German, and all my other ‘rakets’ a.k.a side income jobs. But I’m really happy to be doing this all, I can’t wait to sing on stage again!

I am a long-term stock market investor and so stocks investing doesn’t actually take much of my time. I cannot consider it as a side income job as the pay is not instant but it is also another way of making money. All I do is invest in blue chip companies and let my money mature in the stock market.

More details in this post: So This Is How I Started Investing in the Stock Market

So you see, I am no superhero nor am I more talented than anybody else. In addition, I also have just 24 hours a day. This just proves that having side income jobs is possible. Most of these tasks do not take much time (like writing an article takes just 1 or 2 hours) and I certainly don’t do them simultaneously! I work on my side income jobs when I get home at night and during weekends. I also make sure I have 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Because you know, migraine.

Being dependent on one source of income alone is unwise, not to mention very dangerous.  With the kind of economy that we have today, no one can be certain that he or she will have that same stable job in the coming days.

Tips on How to Land Side Income Jobs  

  1.       Determine first what you can offer. List down all the things that you can do, it doesn’t have to be extravagant or specialized skills: just list everything down. By doing this, you would realize that there’s so much that you can offer. Can you write essays, edit photos, do video voice overs, drive a vehicle, mix beverages, or speak another language? There’s a platform for that! The Internet is your friend; all have to do is do a quick research.
  1.       Continuously study. Educate yourself on how you can further improve your skills. You can do this by reading, continuously practicing, attending classes, and interacting with people in your chosen community. In my case, I learn a lot just through joining social media groups of freelancers. There are a lot of free resources, just make the most of them all.
  1.       Ask questions. There’s always a first time for everybody so it’s normal that you might have questions. Look for mentors to help you out and expand your network.

I remember the time when I was clueless on how to price my blogging and ghost writing rates so I asked veteran freelancers to help me out. I just posted my question in one of the Facebook writers’ groups that I was a member in and thankfully, many experienced freelancers answered.

  1.       Manage your time. Nothing is more important than knowing how to carefully prioritize all your jobs. Do not accept job offers that will be impossible for you to attend to because of your schedule. Always make sure that you have enough time for all your side income jobs and you take none of them for granted. By doing this can you only be profitable.

Final Words

I am yet to discover other side income jobs I can profit from. As I’ve mentioned, I am learning German and so I am planning to make money out of this new skill in the future. Once I get better, I might offer tutoring or translation services.

I also offer free Manila tours to Couchsurfers every Saturday. I am no professional guide yet and so I just do it for free but in the future, if I get better, I might consider this as another side income job.

How about you? I’m quite sure that you have a whole bunch of other things that you can do besides what your current job entails. There are plenty of ways to make money so do not waste time merely surfing the Internet or binge watching when you can in fact generate income out of your free time.

Cheers to prosperity!