Reasons Why Rizal Re-Creation Center Is Our Favorite Team Building Venue

For two consecutive years, we have chosen Rizal Re-Creation Center (RRC) in Laguna as location of our annual office team building activity. And by “team building”, I don’t mean swimming party with karaoke and booze. This is legit Team Building Event with activities that boost camaraderie and team spirit.

This also came as a shock to me because two years ago, my definition of team building is one or two days of no work where you can party with your workmates, drink ‘till you drop, and find photos you had no idea were taken the following Monday. These all changed when I started working as one of White Label Services 2014 Inc.’s staff writers *wink

Okay so let’s go back to Rizal Re-Creation Center. There are just some things that we can’t get enough of about this place, let me count them in the paragraphs below.

  • Good Food

Rizal Re-Creation Center1

First things first, LOL. When in RRC, there are designated eating times where visitors have to come as a group or else everyone wouldn’t be allowed to enter the dining area. We were given tickets that we presented to the person at the door before entering. Basically, RRC teaches coordination and mindfulness of others in a task as routinary as eating. By coming as a group, we became aware of the time and what our other team members need so we all don’t go hungry.

Food is served at RRC buffet style. You can get as much food as you want, but be sure to finish them. RRC has in-house kitchen staff who prepares all the dishes and I must say that they’re doing pretty good at it. My absolute favorites are their brewed coffee and pastries.

  • Scenic Landscape

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In our line of work where we sit in front of the computer the entire day, it’s a treat to experience nature once in a while. And RRC provided just that. The place is hectares and hectares of towering palm trees and beautiful flowers. We got our recommended dose and even more of sun vitamin there.

  • Inventive Team Building Activities

Rizal Re-Creation Center8

As previously mentioned, it’s already our second time in RRC. I thought that the facilitators will make us do the same activities as last year, but no. Even though the materials were common household things like Monobloc chairs, pipes, cups, and balls, they got creative in devising new games.

  • Various Activity Options

Rizal Re-Creation Center2

Besides the team building activities facilitated by RRC staff, there are plenty of other things to do there. They have a giant chess board, swimming pools, swings, and a sports area where we played basketball, table tennis, bowling, and others.

  • Home of the World’s Biggest Spinning Top

Rizal Re-Creation Center3

Another thing that makes RRC special is its Guinness World Record-holder spinning top. This giant top is 990 pounds and 10.5 feet tall and welcomes visitors the moment they set foot on RRC. Rev. Joe Mauk has been preaching God’s Word with his collection of tops for many, many years and the biggest one from his collection is like I said, displayed in RRC.

All visitors get to watch the story of the biggest spinning top through a video presentation. It was a long video but really exciting and informational. This year, we were lucky to have watched Rev. Joe Mauk preach live and play his spinning tops. Here is an excerpt of his presentation:

  • Affordability

I wasn’t directly involved in the planning of our team building and RRC’s website only provides the accommodation rates so I can’t really tell the exact figures. But I remember my boss telling us that she chose RRC because it’s extremely cheaper compared to the other options we have. According to her, our company spent approximately Php 1,600 per person, we were 18 then so all-in-all around Php 30,000 for a two-day event including food, accommodation, and activities. Not bad, eh?

  • Paintball

Rizal Re-Creation Center6

Yes, I saved the best for last. Please do not leave Rizal Re-Creation Center without playing paintball with your companions. We had the best time in their Paintball field and were surprised to discover our inner soldier personalities.

The bullets were painful at a tolerable level and do not stain the clothes. For two times already, we did it as one of our last activities and it always proves to be an extremely fun event-ender: always the topic of conversation on our way home.


So there, if you’re looking for a place to conduct your next team building event, I highly recommend Rizal Re-Creation Center. But remember that the success of a team building event doesn’t lie on the venue alone, it’s in the values and understanding of each other that the members gain as they leave the awesome venue and go back to the workplace.

Have you been to Rizal Re-Creation Center or is planning to go there for your company team building?
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