7 Effective Steps to Scoring FREE Wealth Management Seminar Tickets

I recently attended #ICON2018, a big-deal wealth management and investment conference that brings together finance enthusiasts, seasoned and new alike. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I’m addicted to attending seminars, conferences, and any other event that could in one way or another, allow me to learn something new.

#ICON2018, being the huge event that it is, also comes with quite a hefty price tag (Php 3,000). By paying this amount, you’d be able to watch a handful of influential people and listen to their advice on different aspects of finance like personal money management, mutual funds, stock market, cryptocurrency, farm investing, and the like. This year’s roster of speakers were Randell Tiongson, Marvin Germo, Sunlife’s Mylene Lopa, CEO at 24 Sean Si, and many others.

It was an entire day of enrichment and inspiration as I listened to these successful people with the hope that soon enough, I’ll be just like them. The best part about this experience was I didn’t pay the Php 3,000 ticket to attend such event. I actually won the ticket through a raffle sponsored by The Bright Millenial, a financial literacy page on Facebook.

Looking back, I’ve realized that I’ve actually paid very little for the wealth management seminars and events I’ve attended. This is not limited to finance-related, but also for other topics I’m interested in like blogging, photography, choral singing, and the like. I remember once that I paid Php 200 for a travel writing workshop but the rest, like #ICON2018, I got the tickets for free.

While I’d like to believe that I’m just tremendously lucky to always win in raffles or be given free tickets, truth is, I’m just an average person. Here, I list down the things that I’m doing to get tickets and attend events for free.

Steps to Score FREE Wealth Management Seminar Tickets

Step 1: Use Social Media

I use social media not just for leisure, but also for work and self-improvement. It’s specifically on Facebook where I get information on events I attend. I look into Facebook events or sometimes when a friend responded ‘Interested’ or ‘Going’ to one, I also see it on my newsfeed and I just join in.

Wealth Management 1

Step 2: Join Facebook Groups and Follow FinLit Pages

For targeted events, you can join Facebook groups where like-minded people gather and share invites and other useful information on things they care about. I am a member of plenty of groups on Facebook that’s why I am always updated with the latest happenings.

You can also like and follow pages that promote causes that you are interested in; just like what I did with The Bright Millennial, and then I got the free #ICON2018 ticket.

I made a list of the groups and pages I follow so you won’t have a hard time looking for them. Put in your email address if you want this list:

Step 3: Put these Pages on your ‘See First’ list and Join Newsletters

To ensure that you wouldn’t miss any of the announcements, put the said pages on your ‘See First’ list or join their newsletters so you’ll receive the invites straight to your inbox.

If you got the list of pages mentioned above, you will notice that this blog’s Facebook page is included there. I usually post wealth management invites on Facebook for my followers. Similarly, my newsletter subscribers also receive the invites (click here for a sample) via email.

More examples:

Step 4: Use Event Listing Websites

Eventbrite (www.eventbrite.com) or Meetup (www.meetup.com) are just some of the websites I prefer. They’re extremely easy to use and you can see at once if the event is for free or with registration fee.

Wealth Management 2

Step 5: Join Raffles and Contests

Don’t be shy! I know most contests require you to post on your social media accounts and tag friends. While some people see this as cheap, I see it as a way to influence more people to stop and do a quick check on how they’re doing in the aspect of money. Not cheap at all.

Step 6: Show Up

When you’ve finally got the free tickets, do attend the event. It’s not something to throw away just because it’s free. If you really can’t make it, at least have the decency to inform the organizers a few days prior so they can arrange for the tickets to be given to someone else.

I once remembered inviting 10 friends to a saving and investing seminar, only to attend with just one on the day itself. The other nine confirmed their attendance when I invited them but never showed up. I also didn’t receive any notification on why they couldn’t make it. I felt bad then because I should have just given the slot to other deserving individuals.

I couldn’t get my head around on why people do this. It’s common courtesy to RSVP and actually show up even just to appreciate the inviter’s effort to accommodate you. If money for transportation is an issue, I believe it’s a small price to pay for the knowledge and experience one could get from such seminar.

Step 7: Network

Don’t just attend and be one lonely participant in one corner. Wealth management events are filled with individuals with the same interests and goals as you: people who want to increase their wealth. It’s a good place to make friends and surround yourself with people who are more intelligent and successful than you.

Robert Kiyosaki once said:

When I attend events, I make sure to come up to the speaker or the organizer to introduce myself and my blog. Because exposure is life. During #ICON2018, I went to Sir Randell Tiongson, the main man, and said: “Hello Sir Randel, my name is Peng, I blog about finance.” He then asked what my blog’s URL is, and so I told him.

The very next day, he became a follower of my blog’s Facebook page.

Wealth Management 3

Best. Day. Ever.

You know what: I truly believe that the most successful people are generous with supporting smaller individuals with the same advocacy as them. This is particularly true for those who also started small as they know how it feels when you’re starting. As an example, I am friends on Facebook with renowned Pesos and Sense host Sir Aya Laraya and Wealth Builder Asia CEO Sir Ryan deVera and I have more than once dropped them questions regarding finance and business and surprisingly, they were quick to reply.

So there, make sure to introduce yourself to two or more participants or speakers, add them on social media, and who knows, you could just be invited again on another seminar or you’ll see them post about the events they’re going to or interested in (refer to step 1).

Final Words

There. My secret is out. I hope these steps will help you increase your financial knowledge while keeping costs at a minimum. For me, the most important step is the last one as that’ll expose you to more opportunities so your learning won’t stop.

Try these wealth management steps now and tell me if they’re effective by commenting below!