Stuttgart Tourism: 10 Free Things I Did In My First Two Months

I love travelling, but I also love saving money! Sometimes, these two interests of mine don’t go along very well. In my first two months here in Stuttgart, my priority was not to travel, but to feed myself and figure out how to budget euros instead of pesos.

Luckily, I always find ways to keep my travel costs at a minimum. So, here are some of Stuttgart tourism attractions I visited which costed me absolutely nothing but my camera battery *wink


Literally “city library” in English, this place is heaven on earth for book lovers like me. Huge collection of published content, free entrance, and Instagram-worthy architecture: I certainly couldn’t think of a lovelier place.

Free entrance every day 

Linden Museum

Stuttgart Tourism 6

Back home, I’m quite a regular visitor of the National Museum of the Philippines as I do guided tours for Couchsurfers (don’t be too impressed: I’m no expert, I did it for free, LOL). Linden Museum is quite similar to the said place, being both ethnology museums, although this one is Stuttgart is smaller, just two floors or so. There were exhibits from Asia too, but sadly, none from the Philippines.

Going around the Linden Museum is also a breeze: I was provided with a phone-like device with recorded audio guides. One can listen to explanations (in English or in German) on certain displays through the said device.

Free entrance every Saturday, 10 – 12 NN


The Johanneskirche Stuttgart am Feuersee (St. John’s Church at Fire Sea… Oh gosh, let’s quit translating, can we? LOL) is one of the first places I’ve visited in Stuttgart. I’ve been here too many times and I’m just amazed by the charm of this place. The church was heavily destroyed during the world war but was later on restructured so it’s actually an important war memorial in Germany.

The Gothic-style church is a breather from the chaotic city view as it is actually located within the city center: as in very close to restaurants, houses, and public transportation stops. I find this fact a bit weird but accessible, nevertheless.

No entrance fee needed

Porsche Museum

Stuttgart’s pride, Porsche, displays their fascinating automobiles through the impressive Porsche Museum. Touring this museum provided me with a glimpse of the long history of this world-renowned sports car brand.

I went here alone as I badly wanted to take advantage of the free entrance. I would never wait for anybody just for the sake of having a companion, mind you. This happened in my first week here in Germany so my Deutsch was so bad. But it turned out to be a good speaking practice as I chatted with more than 30 people and asked some of them to take my photographs. #winning

Not free (8€ entrance fee) I was just able to get in for free because they celebrated their 70th anniversary with free entrance for all

Mercedes Benz Museum

Stuttgart Tourism 5

A much larger display for solid car enthusiasts is what the Mercedes Benz Museum offers. This nine-storey exhibition hall left me dizzy and stunned at the same time. The displays were arranged from the top floors displaying Mercedes vehicles that made history while the lower floors show modern automobiles which can be seen in the streets today. The present Red Cross truck, police car, and fire truck are included in the displays.

Not free (10€ entrance fee) I was just able to get in for free because they declared July 8 as an ‘EntrittFrei Tag’


Stuttgart Tourism 2

The Schlossplatz is part of the palace complex that once housed the kings of Württemberg. It’s a common location for events and festivals in Stuttgart. It also has a charming view with the Old and New Palaces and the bubbling fountains just within reach. One can just lie on the grass, bring food or buy somewhere, go people watching or chat with friends while doing all mentioned.

No entrance fee needed

Landesmuseum Württemberg

The Landesmuseum Württemberg took me on the 80,000-year history of the Württemberg state and I got to appreciate Stuttgart tourism even more. It was fascinating to see art collections and even genuine crowns, coins, and armors preserved to perfection. My visit here taught me how rich and artistic this part of Germany is.

Free entrance every day


Stuttgart Tourism 7

Ceragem is a Korean brand that manufactures thermal therapy beds which cure many kinds of body pains. I got to experience the said therapy in Ceragem Stuttgart and it was so helpful in relieving back pain especially after a long day at work. The said branch provides free trials up to 21 free trial sessions (seriously!) for interested parties which I find really practical as massages here in Germany can cost 50 and above. More information can be found at

Free every day


The Mineralbäder is hectares and hectares of greenery which is a common place for relaxation, picnics, jogging and even biking. I went here for the first time as I joined a short photowalk with new German friends.

I took a course from a photography school back home and finding like-minded individuals here in Germany was absolutely awesome. I got to try out macrophotography which was so new to me and it was even newer because people are using German terms for aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. I was like: whew, what have I gotten myself into? The photos above are some of the shots I took during the photowalk in Mineralbäder.

No entrance fee needed


Stuttgart Tourism 4

My colleague Noriza and I went on a 3-hour political city tour of 30 sights in Stuttgart. We boarded the famous red double-decker bus and of course sat on the upper deck which was really cool, believe me. The weather then was so unpredictable then that it was too hot at first and then it rained a lot, and then it was hot again. The bus roof had to be closed and reopened many times so we got a bit wet from the rain.

It was a long trip that left me so tired (yes I know, I wasn’t the one driving the bus HAHA) but the weather sapped all my energy. But it was a nice experience as I was able to see many sides of Stuttgart and learned a lot through the live tour guide. The tour actually went around places that are mostly in construction to raise awareness that there are many available jobs in Stuttgart on the said field. Such developments also imply that the city is continually improving.

Not free (the normal Blue or Green Tour starts at 25€) I was just able to experience this for free because I won two tickets from a raffle; one of which I shared with my colleague

How To Get Free Tickets To Enjoy Stuttgart Tourism

I use social media to be updated with all the cheap and free things to try. A particular Facebook group I am fond of, Stuttgart 4 Free, allows me to know these things in advance. This page also gives out free tickets to movies, events, and more. This was where I got the tickets to the city tour *wink

So if I were you, I wouldn’t waste any minute, join this group now and include it in your ‘See First’ list.

Even back home, I’m really fond of attending events which the tickets, I usually got for free. I wrote a similar blog post on how to score such goodies, but that one is specific on the subject of money: this blog’s other niche. The steps and techniques I applied weren’t very different, so I believe you’d also benefit from reading the said post:

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Final Words

I’ve always been very honest about the main reason why moved to Germany; that is neither to earn Euros nor to show the world how caring Filipino nurses can be (or you can insert a cornier reason here if you want, LOL). In all honesty, I came here to widen my world and see what this side of the planet has in store for me. I’ve started with these ten free Stuttgart tourism attractions and I can’t see myself stopping soon.

Have you been to any of these places or can you recommend other attractions I can blog about?
Comment them below!