The Local: German News in English – Review + Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I initiated a survey through Facebook and ask my followers if they would be interested in consuming German news in English. Knowing that many of my readers are German learners, it’s quite surprising that a huge percentage answered ‘Yes, I am interested’ in the said survey.

Since you asked for it, let me now introduce to you my newest media partner: The Local. They are a multi-awarded digital news publishing company offering European news written in the English language. Aside from The Local Germany, they also have editions in Denmark, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. Their content is country-focused, so it isn’t a chaotic mix of news from the above-mentioned locations.

I first came across their website a few months after my arrival here in Germany. I thought it was important to be informed of the things happening around if I plan to survive here. I couldn’t remember if I was specifically looking for an English news company then, maybe I was; I wouldn’t deny it, up to this day, I still absorb new information faster if they’re in English or in Filipino, rather than in German.

I started with the free subscription and eventually decided that the content is worth my money, so I upgraded and paid for a one-year membership subscription. You can then rest assured this review isn’t biased; it’s from someone who tried the service as a normal customer first as opposed to a review out of a paid partnership.


5X a week Newsletters

The Local Germany’s editors send newsletters to all their readers: whether they are on free or paid subscription. For me, nothing is easier than finding your dose of German news in English waiting for you in your email. Go ahead and call me lazy.

German Word of the Day

At first, I thought reading German news in English is a bad idea for someone learning German like me. But thank goodness for this section of The Local: German Word of the Day! It’s my favorite section and I feel giddy every time I see a new entry. I learn words here I don’t even know exist and they’re explained in a very easy-to-understand manner with sample sentences.


Jobs in Germany

The Local also extends help to readers looking for English-language jobs in Germany. Super cool, right? I haven’t personally tried this part, I’m still tied to my employer who’s providing me with my visa, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be long until I make use of this feature. *wink




Wrong or dead links in their newsletters

This is one issue I’ve already raised with The Local team. There are instances when I receive newsletters with links leading to pages they aren’t supposed to lead to or sometimes to just plain empty pages. I know how stressful it is to beat deadlines and all, but I hope they find the time to improve on this part.


  • Unlimited Reading and Member-Exclusive Content

The free subscription is limited to only three articles a month so you’ll definitely miss a lot. Being a member provides one with unlimited access to cool articles available only for members. Some of my favorites are:

EXPLAINED: How to pay Germany’s TV tax, or (legally) avoid it

Germans are a distinct people: Finding love, hook-ups and friendship in Germany

Tip of the week: How to stand out from the flat-finding crowd in Germany

Why you should consider becoming an English teacher in Germany

What you need to know about getting a German driving licence

…and so much more


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Subscribe to The Local if you are (like me)…

  1. Someone who’s learning German
  2. Someone who’s trying to keep their English on point
  3. Someone living in Germany
  4. Knows someone who lives in Germany


I’m an absolute fan of The Local Germany’s content and I’d love to share it with you. With my birthday just around the corner (MY FIRST EVER BIRTHDAY HERE IN GERMANY actually), I’m giving one reader the chance to enjoy The Local Germany’s content AS A FULL-PLEDGED MEMBER for one entire month, my treat. *wink

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Final Words

To date, I’ve been living here in Germany for 10 months. During this short time, I notice Germans value their knowledge of current events and when I show interest in them too, I instantly gain their respect. This is one of the reasons why I was able to make new friends easily during my time here. And since my German isn’t perfect yet, I do this trick of reading German news in English to still sound smart when conversing with them. #winning

So, what do you think about reading German news in English? Share your thoughts below!