Downright Weird: This Hostel in Sweden Had No One in Reception Our Entire Stay, and the Days Before That

When you travel, you face the weirdest of things. When my friends and I found ourselves needing a place to stay in Sweden, we ended up making a last-minute booking for the cheapest room we could find; in Linné Hostel Gothenburg.

Linné Hostel Gothenburg 4

For only 19 EUR per person for one night, one couldn’t really complain. We booked the room online through Opodo that rainy Sunday morning. We arrived at the hostel and found a closed main door and completely dark reception area. We then saw a friendly-looking female guest.

We asked her: “Hi, what time does the reception open?”

She answered: “Oh I’ve never seen it open; it’s been closed since I arrived, since two days ago.”

Us: WHAT?! How do we check-in then?

As it was raining hard then in Gothenburg, another guest helped us get in the hostel by pressing a code onto the automatic door. Thank God for sending us an angel.

We then gave the reception a benefit of a doubt: we figured out that we might be too early to check in (about 3 hours earlier than check-in time, yeah) and it was a Sunday. Businesses open late (or not at all – hello Germany) during Sundays.

Checking-In at Linné Hostel Gothenburg

At around 10AM, my friend contacted the management through SMS and email. The exchanges were pretty straightforward as seen in the photos below. When he has confirmed that we would like to check in early, our payment was automatically deducted to his card which was linked in his Opodo account. Soon enough, we learned that our room was open and the key was inside. Seriously.

Linné Hostel Gothenburg 8

Linné Hostel Gothenburg 6
Linné Hostel Gothenburg 7
Linné Hostel Gothenburg 2

Linné Hostel Gothenburg has common kitchens and showers just like the ones you’ll find in shared apartments.

Linné Hostel Gothenburg 9
Linné Hostel Gothenburg 5
Linné Hostel Gothenburg 3

All in all, our stay went relatively well. And since it was a really short stay (just one night), I didn’t get the chance to talk to any of the staff. I tried emailing the management with some questions for this post but I haven’t received any reply as of writing.

It was fortunate that we didn’t need any assistance during our entire stay. But what if we did? I then thought of some common things guests ask reception personnel and how Linné Hostel Gothenburg thoughtfully ‘answer’ each of them if one is just observant enough:

Do you have vacant rooms for us?

Linné Hostel Gothenburg 11
Nope. All bookings are done online (that’s how I understood the sign, LOL)

Can you recommend must-see places in Gothenburg?

Linné Hostel Gothenburg 10
Of course. Here you go.

How do we check out?

Linné Hostel Gothenburg 1

Final Words

While nothing still beats human interaction when it comes to customer service, Linne Hostel Gothenburg shows how with technology and proper organization, anything can be done.

Such self-service experience allowed me to think how travelling really makes one resilient and independent. Though sometimes, in the weirdest way possible. I would still prefer to speak face-to-face with humans though.

Will you book a room in a reception-less hostel?

Or have you been in one? How was your experience?

Linné Hostel Gothenburg

Vegagatan 22, 413 09 Gothenburg