Basic Travel Tips All Travellers Must Know

Travelling involves plenty of big and small decisions. The success of each trip depends on how well you decide on all areas involved: be it the budget, itinerary, accommodation, and many more. A lot of basic travel tips are available online and these can certainly help you prepare for your next trip with minimum stress possible.

But given the long list of travel blog you must read to gather enough tips, here are three of the most important ones that you shouldn’t miss:

Build a travel fund

It’s extremely important to set a budget when you travel. You wouldn’t want to spend everything you have, enjoy your vacation to the fullest, then go home with zero money on your bank account, right? Remember that you have a life after your trip and in order to survive, you need money.

It is recommended that you build a travel fund. This way, you would know how much you have for this particular aspect and you can clearly plan your trip based on the money you have available. You can start building this fund by setting aside a certain amount from your salary every month.

Pack light

When you travel, it is always a good idea to pack only the essentials. Packing light will allow you to save money on check-in luggage, move more comfortably, and you’d have fewer things to think about, primarily.

Engage with locals

One of the best things you can do when arriving in a new place, prior to updating your status on Facebook telling the world that you are travelling alone, very dangerous and not recommended, is to make friends with the locals. This will give you a different view of the place beyond the overrated landmarks that tourists visit. In fact, living with a local, when possible, instead of booking a hotel will provide you with an authentic feeling of being immersed in the place and not merely coming for a visit.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea on how to properly plan your next trip. For more basic travel tips, follow Peng and Paper on Facebook and subscribe to my newsletter at