What Makes Bloggers Who Blogs About Life Stand Out?

Blogs about life have certainly become very popular on the Internet. These days, you wouldn’t need to do anything extravagant like sky jumping or drag racing; contents that are simple and real surprisingly appeal more to the common people. Sometimes, what you thought was a very simple post would attract more readers than a perfectly-curated one.

Why such phenomenons exist? Here are some reasons:

1. People can connect and relate to them

Many blog posts on how to pursue your passion, for example, has become viral because many people can relate to such stories. Unfortunately, the world has seen too many people who were forced to do things, big or small, that they have no interest in.

Passionate bloggers who write their heart out on topics like how to balance your life and work, for example, provide a medium for the readers to likewise express their feelings and frustrations. When readers read such blogs and the words resonate with what they currently feel, they are given confirmation that they are indeed not alone in their struggles. Someone, somewhere actually feels the same way.

2. These blogs are built on honesty

Blogs about life are popular because of its authenticity. These bloggers do not even need professional training on writing to craft perfect pieces. In fact, publishing raw content works pretty well compared to keyword-stuffed ones. Readers are very smart these days, they notice when something is not true or if the author is sugar-coating his words.

Pursuing one’s passion and blogging about it is no easy feat. As someone who chose to pursue her dream no matter what her diploma says, I am thankful that I have this website, Peng and Paper, to document all my feelings and thoughts. I may be just one of those thousands who blogs about life, nothing particularly special about me or my story, but I make sure I always write from my heart in the most authentic way I know possible. Read more about my story at www.pengandpaper.com.