How To Pursue Your Passion Without Quitting Your Day Job

Adulthood sometimes forces people to take on jobs they have zero interest in. So what happens when you work on a job totally unrelated to what you really want to do? Do you just forget your passion and just continue existing? Of course not! Here are some easy tips on how to pursue your passion while keeping your job.

Leave the office on time

The happiest employees are those who clock out at the right time. This is because they have a life outside of work and are not married to their professions. These people know how to prioritize their projects and can properly assess which tasks are possible to be completed within the day. If you’re one of these people, then congratulations, you probably know how to how to balance your life and work.

Leaving the office on time allows one to enjoy life more instead of being able to do nothing as you arrive home too late or too tired. With the extra time you have outside the office, you can start working on your passion projects little by little.

Work on your passion projects during your free time

Yes, it is not impossible. Best-selling author Stephen King actually took a variety of low-paying jobs including being a janitor and gas pump attendant while he wrote novels during his spare time. He made use of the time he has after work and on the weekends to pen the stories we all enjoy today.

Get started. Now.

Don’t waste time thinking whether you should start being passionate about the things you love doing. Many blogs about life will tell you to just get started and remember that no matter how meager your progress is, the most important thing is that you’ve made progress.

See, it’s not impossible to pursue your passion while keeping your day job. All it takes is just a bit of time management and grit. Reading blogs that teaches you how to pursue your passion can be helpful too. Here at Peng and Paper, I document how I worked on improving my craft as a writer while working as a nurse and doing many other things on the side. I hope my story inspires you to work on your dreams too. Visit to know more.