Finance 101: Money Saving Strategies List

Contrary to popular belief, saving money isn’t actually rocket science. There are plenty of money saving strategies list and they will tell you that minimizing your expenses can actually start in simple ways. The difficult part, however, is to apply and practice them every day of your life.

Here are some basic ways to save money.

List down all your expenses

Start by taking note of how you spend your money. You may write it down, use a mobile app or even Microsoft Excel. The important thing is you list down all the things that you spend money on. No amount is too small: list down everything. This way, you will see where your money goes and where you can make proper adjustments.

Always bring snacks and drinks when you go out

Having something to eat and drink will prevent you from impulsive buying in the event you feel hungry while on the road. Money saving blogs will tell you that it doesn’t have to be extravagant; crackers and a bottle of water will do. Making this a habit will save you lots of money in the long run.

Make a grocery list

Do not go shopping without a list. If you do, there’s a big tendency that you’ll go home with a huge grocery bill and things you don’t actually need. Before you buy anything, write down a list of only the essentials and religiously follow this list.

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