Common Blogging Dilemma: Create A Niche Focused Or Personal Blog?

Blogging has definitely become very popular in the recent years. Right now, it is not unusual to meet someone who owns a personal blog or manages several websites. One search online can provide you with a long list of blogs to follow: some with specific niches like travel, food, beauty, and sports while some are purely personal.

While many bloggers make blogging and choosing a core theme look so easy, this is not always the case. Maintaining your own website entails time, money, dedication, and a lot of hard work. One common problem bloggers face is deciding whether they should focus on one niche or just write about anything happening in their lives.

Should I Go For A Niche Focused Blog?

Niche blogs are created to market a particular group of readers. A travel blog, for example, caters to people who are interested in exploring different places. These kinds of blogs are helpful for people who would like to get inspiration and information for their upcoming trips. Beauty blogs on the other hand, are popular for people who are into skincare and makeup.

Niche focused blogs can be more profitable than a personal blog without any focus, for example. This is because they appeal to brand marketers as well as the search engines better. However, niche blogs can sometimes be limiting. When you decide to go down this path, you would need to tweak each post so it wouldn’t go far from your theme.

So Is A Personal Blog A Better Option?

Before you start a blog, decide first on your goal: do you want to make money or you want to express yourself? If you choose the latter, then personal blogging can be more preferable for you. Such will allow you to reach your audience better without any thought of pleasing the search engines or tweaking content topics.

In Conclusion

Truly, the choice of having a personal blog or a niche focused blog lies on the blogger and his or her goals. Here at Peng and Paper, it took me six years to decide which theme I would like to focus on. I then decided to keep a personal touch on my blog that is why I have a ‘life’ category. Then, I realized I also want to share travel tips and join the ranks of money saving blogs as I am passionate about these areas as well, thus the birth of my three niches: travel, money, and life. Know more by logging on to