What You Need To Start A Travel Blog

So now you’ve decided that you want to have a travel blog. You’ve read hundreds of other blogs in the same niche, liked thousands of Facebook and Instagram photos of travel bloggers and decided that you want to follow suit. Keep in mind though that starting out and maintaining one is no easy feat.

Following are some of the basic requirements you need to make your dream a reality:

1. Good Photos

It goes without saying that good photos make a good blog post. An entire page filled with text on travelling alone, for instance, no matter how informative or well written it is, wouldn’t appeal to your target audience without any engaging photographs. Invest in basic photography knowledge and good camera equipment if you are really serious about blogging.

2. Reliable Content Managing System and Hosting Company

On the more technical side, it is a must that you decide on where to host your new website. WordPress, Drupal, and SilverStripe are just some of the content management systems that you can choose from. Decide on one that is most user-friendly for you especially if you have limited knowledge on coding.

When getting a hosting company, on the other hand, make a quick research on the company’s reputation, their fees, and whether they have a reliable customer support system. All these points will make your work smooth and hassle-free.

3. Passion To Travel and Share

Bear in mind that owning a travel blog doesn’t start and end when you reach your new destination. Writing advanced or basic travel tips, editing, taking photos, promoting, collaborating with other bloggers, among many others, comprises the things that you have to do as a new travel blogger. It’s not very easy, but it’s worth it.

These are just some of the things you need to have as you start your own travel blog. Peng and Paper’s travel niche also started with one post with mediocre photos and I don’t even have my own domain then! But eventually, I invested in writing, coding, and photography skills to make sure I always publish the best contents every single time. See these contents for yourself at www.pengandpaper.com.